Monday, September 29, 2008

red (is my neutral)

I have been building up to this outfit for several days, finding different red elements to pull together and also reading Some Girls Wander (, where Emily is posting about monochrome outfits.*

I think my red outfit beats hers, though. I have a sweater, stolen from my mum, a sash borrowed from another dress, a burgundy dress I got from Forever 21 from my October experiment (which I will post about), my apple necklace (thrifted), black leggings. I wish I had red leggings, but I don't. I also try to be wary of buying things just because I want them for one outfit.

no. 1
closer up
exhibit a- my hair is also red for fall.
exhibit b- close up, apples.

*Emily from Some Girls Wander is also responsible for the phrase 'Red is my neutral', one of the best phrases in the world.

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