Sunday, June 1, 2008

thriftie outfit + prettiest shoes

thrifties of love: vintage slip, little indian shoes on a brooch/pin, orange and dark teal scarflet. my parents think wearing a slip showing is the ultime of faux pas, so now i'm all second guessing myself, however i think it's kind of sweet to have a bit of lace showing under your skirt?

anyways, all things aside, these shoes are the delight of my soul. they are sweet worn purplish-brown leather and for once (and this is marvelous when they're thrifted shoes) they actually fit me perfectly. they are pretty scuffed, and though i kind of like that, my parents think it is the second greatest faux pas to wear unshined shoes, so i must hie me to the mall and fetch some brown shoe polish soon, and then i will flash about the world in the prettiest shoes of all. so.. there.