Wednesday, September 17, 2008


one of my trusty always-right outfits. i never feel like i am pretending to be somebody else when i wear this outfit. it also has a market lady slash bag lady hint of an effect, adding to its unpretentiousness, i hope. but i speak of "effect," which is only a letter away from "affect." what am i saying?!

i'm wearing a necklace with a clay pendant made by Annie Ling, my good friend who is now also my good friend in New York City, in the Documentary and Photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography. she is a maelstrom of artistic adventure and i love her to bits, but it helps that the necklace looks so incredibly perfect with everything i wear. (a conditional love, yes.) the necklace is technically my mother's, but i steal it regularly.

maybe you can see the blurred lizards floating in the foreground - a mobile made out of (stolen?) telephone wire, bought at a market by the side of the road in south africa. overlooking knysna's warm-water estuary, we browsed the miniature volkswagens and giraffes, row upon splendid row. the touch of homemade love! here is one lizard in focus.

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